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Are you planning to organize a congress, a press conference, a board meeting, a fashion show or a market research project?
You certainly need the support of certified professional interpreters that will convey your message with utmost precision using the best-suited technique for your event. Our consultant interpreter will guide you throughout the whole duration of the project and will recommend you one of the following interpretation methods.

Conference Interpreting

Depending on the type of event and work environment, conference interpreters use various interpreting techniques. Below is a description of the different types of interpreting.

Simultaneous interpretation

Two interpreters per language paired in a sound-proof booth translate the speaker’s presentation into the other language in real time. Simultaneous interpretation, compared to other types of interpreting, is a very popular technique since it guarantees high quality communication without any interruption and allows the translation of more than two working languages at the same time.

Consecutive interpretation

This technique does not require the use of technical equipment such as booths and headphones.
The interpreter listens to a speech in the source language, takes notes by means of a special note-taking method and then renders the meaning of the speaker's message in the target language. Although consecutive interpreting is a less immediate technique compared to the simultaneous mode, it is suitable for short presentations, interviews or in-house meetings.

Whispered interpretation

With this type of real-time interpretation, the interpreter whispers the translation of the speech into the ear of the delegates in the target language. The whispering method does not call for any technical aid or support.
It is used when just one or at least two foreign guests in the audience want to follow the conference.

Liaision interpretation

For this type of interpretation, no special sound equipment is required. It is normally used during business negotiations, informal talks, plant visits and trade fairs. The interpreter translates a few sentences or a paragraph at a time, between two or more speakers, in both directions.

Focus group interpreting for market research projects

Focus group interpreting is a version of simultaneous interpreting. The interpreter views the group from an adjacent room through a two-way mirror and interprets between the respondents' language and the client's own language. It is used in group and one-on-one interviews for qualitative and quantitative market research projects in the healthcare, pharmaceuticals and consumers goods industries.

Technical equipment

Interpretation equipment and sound systems
In addition to interpreting services, SIC can provide
its customers, if required, with the following technical equipment: soundproof interpreting booths, headsets, amplifiers, projectors, Tele/video conference equipment and close circuit TV systems. After a possible site inspection of the event location, our team of qualified and skilled technicians will set up, coordinate
and monitor the equipment for the whole duration
of the event.

Technical equipment